i13 Floor Planner

Free Online Tool to Design and Furnish your 3D Floor Plan

If you are planning to create a house plan online, the i13 Floor Planner offers the best and easy tool.

You can start using this simple online tool for free to make a complete design of any room in the house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, room plan, etc.). It's very simple, just click, drag and decorate to your liking. Create the free online 3D Plan of your home yourself. Surely you will love it.

The latest technology to make house plans

Current technology allows all kinds of possibilities to verify the result of a renovation or construction long before moving earth and stones. It is only necessary for a program to make plans of houses, to have a very approximate idea of how the house will look in reality.

The biggest advantage of this design program is that it is not necessary to be an expert in the field to make plans of houses in 3D. Forget the names of the most professional and complicated software to make house plans. With this free program, you will have the tool to design your house in 3D easily and effortlessly.

Advantages of creating 3D houses

How does this 3D floor plan online work?

Choose the option to create a new plan to start using the tool

The operation of the program to make house plans is very simple. To make plans of houses in 3D, you only need to follow the steps indicated. The program itself has extra help to start the process.

Select your saved project to recover a previous plan

You can save your plan and continue later. Sometimes we cannot finish a project so with this option you will not have to start from scratch and finish your design at another time.

Select one of the templates and customize it to your liking

We usually have too many ideas in mind about our reform, so a starting point is always appreciated. You have several templates on which to rely to make your project a reality.